And I'm a hairstylist and salon owner based out of Orange County, CA. I have always had a creative business side. As a young girl, I was always creating, crafting, and making things. When I was 15 years old, I opened an Etsy shop that started my entrepreneurial fire within me. I then graduated high school at 16 and went straight to beauty school. I finished beauty school and started working at a salon at 17. Even at such a young age, I had a passion to learn everything I could about the hair industry. To this day, I continue to attend educational classes as well as travel around the country to teach other hairstylists and help them grow their businesses.

In 2015, I opened my one-chair salon called Pin and Plait Studio. A year later in October 2016, I expanded and moved to a new, larger location. I worked at the salon with an assistant for 2.5 years, but in July of 2018, I decided to give up my clientele to pursue education full time.

I now work from home on my online programs and memberships to help support hairstylists on their journey to grow their business using Instagram. Since 2016, I have helped thousands of students utilize Instagram to attract more dream clients, make more money, and have a business + life they absolutely love!

I have a passion for connecting with other hairstylists through my Instagram page and YouTube channel. This is such an incredible industry that I am so thankful to be a part of it. I am constantly striving to learn more about the hair industry and how we can all raise one another up!

hey, i’m jamie dana —


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