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Everything you need to know about hiring an assistant!

I remember the first few times when I had to start turning away clientele because I was too booked and couldn’t squeeze anyone in. Building my business has been something that I’ve loved since I started doing hair and having to turn someone away because I did it too well just didn’t seem right. I also knew that sacrificing my work life balance by adding more hours or days to my schedule wasn’t a good idea and I knew that all of those clients that I had to turn away meant that the amount of income I was making in my chair by myself was the max amount of income I could make…well ever.

How could I go about building my ideal clientele, putting an end to the cap I could make financially, and not have to work more hours than I wanted? I needed to hire an assistant.

How to find an assistant

    • I found my first assistant through Instagram! I did a few interviews first by asking for recommendations but none really felt like a great fit, although there are plenty of really great ways to find an assistant!
      • Connect with your local hair academies and let them know you are looking for an assistant! They will keep an eye out for great candidates as well as encourage students a way to keep learning straight out of hair school.
      • Put a word out for recommendations! I love when a friend or client can recommend someone. Not only are you getting candidates, you’re also getting candidates based off the people who know the type of person you are looking for and whether or not they would be a great match.
      • Social media! Post on your stories, your facebook pages and blogs about the position you are hiring! You usually can get a great feel for each other based off your social media even before the interview begins!

What my assistant does for me

  • My assistant is basically my second hand man. She is almost as involved as I am throughout the entire process with my client!
      • Salon duties:
        • My assistant is in charge of:
          • Cleaning
          • Dusting
          • Organizing
          • Washing and folding towels
          • Inventory
          • Color ordering
          • Runs to the store to get more supplies
      • Working hands on with clientele:
        • My assistant also works with my clients as well at the bowl
          • Shampooing
          • Base Bumps
          • Toning
          • Treatments
        • She also helps me blow dry with me and even styles clients too


First thing you need to do before you even start to look for an assistant

  • Know the end goal of what the job is
  • Can you afford it / Does it make sense financially?
  • Are you able to set aside some time to also teach your assistant (this one is a big one because ultimately you want your assistant to be just as good if not better than you when she’s done!)

How much should I pay my assistant?

  • I pay my assistant a little over minimum wage. In california, minimum wage is $10/per hour.
  • Give raises based on performance and goal setting! At the end of her program, she is making $12/ per hour!

Do I tip her out?

  • Some hairstylists do, some don’t. I personally don’t. I look at my tip as the education I’m ultimately giving her!


If you want to see the full interview with my assistant about EVERYTHING assistant related, watch our YouTube interview below and let me know what you think!

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