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Hairstylists Holiday Gifting Guide

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. You know it, I know it, we all know it. It’s time to talk about.. can I get a drumroll please? The Holidays! Yep, we are diving in head first, so let’s get those wrapping hands ready, because we’re going all out this year!

The end of October is a perfect time to start thinking planning because you may not see your clients before the holidays. I usually start around November 1st and go well into January.

Whether you have been diligent about giving gifts year after year or this is your first time considering it, let me tell you, this is one of the best things you can do for your clients! They walk away thinking you are the most thoughtful hairstylist in the entire world and you get to introduce them to new hair product all the while getting a unique opportunity to say “thank you.” How cool is that?
Okay, i’m in! Now… what do I do?

If you’re like me, giving gifts is hard! I never really know where to start and I tend to overthink what a “good” gift is. Narrowing down your gifts to two to three types of clients can make the process much easier.

Last year I had small gift boxes and inside I put crinkle paper to fill them then I added in small travel size products for my clients to try. I had two different boxes with different products depending on which products were right for each client. I also made little hair ties for my clients with my brand colors. Lastly, I added in a holiday note with my new pricing on it. Each gift box cost me about $5 each including all the products and packaging.


Below is where I found each item!

Gift Boxes

I got these from and I loved these gift boxes because they were the perfect size! Not too small, but not to big either. I could store them in the back room or I could put a few in my station if needed. The boxes are super cheap too, it’s only $23 for 100 boxes! Plus they feel like an actual present my clients are getting! You can shop for them here.

Crinkle Paper

I also got a huge box of crinkle paper from It’s also super reasonable! I got a 10lb box for $33 and to be honest, I actually had so much left over, I didn’t need to buy another batch this year! So be prepared to have a little extra 😉 You can shop for it here.

Hair Tie Supply

These were two places I shopped for Fold Over Elastic by the yard. I have ordered from both of these sites and they have both been great. I just usually go with the one that has the colors I want instock and the best price at the time. You can order from Sunshine Shoppe Supply or Fleuriste Supplies. 

I found tutorials on Pinterest on how to make hair elastics, but it’s super easy and way cheaper to make them than buying them pre-done. Here’s an easy tutorial.

Mini Products

I actually ordered my minis directly from each product company. Most product companies have deals this time of year, but you need to order them soon because they will run out of minis quickly! You can also go to your local Cosmoprof Beauty or Armstrong McCall store to get minis there. They usually have a ton of selections! Also, if there is a specific product you want more of, they can usually order you your own case of minis! I just asked the girls working there and they got me my own box of what I needed!

Stamp for Logo on Boxes

I had a custom stamp made to put my logo on the inside of the boxes. My friend who used to own a stamp company made it for me years ago, but she is not making them anymore. Although, I’m sure if you go to Etsy, you can find someone who does custom stamps to help you create your own!


I really hope you guys liked this blog post. If so, please be sure to share with a friend or co-worker. I would love to see what you guys give to your clients! Shoot me a DM on Instagram to share with me your creations!

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