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It’s time to start a movement! #raiseuptoriseup

In an industry based on professional + personal competition and constant refining and goal setting towards growth, its easy to get lost in striving for success all the while isolating yourself, feeling like you are the only person who can help you reach your goals.

Community is so important as a business owner. Here’s the deal, we ALL (every single one of us) struggle with doubt at some point in our business. And the temptation is to think that we’re the only ones who doubt themselves, but that’s why community and networking is so vitally important. Our community can come alongside us when we’re feeling down or ready to give up, but you can also be there for them to encourage them and raise them up.

One of my favorite quotes has been “a candle does not lose it’s flame by lighting another candle.”

This past year, I spent a lot of time trying to connect more with hairstylists across the world and one huge way I could do that was through social media. I have made so many connections and have been given many opportunities from those relationships I’ve made.

I love how social media has changed the way hairstylists interact with each other. Anyone who has been in the industry before Instagram knows that every salon meeting, every class we took, every goal set was to put ourselves ahead of the salon down the street. Now, because of community and inspiration, we can aim to encourage the hairstylist down the street, to network and build ideas, to create a sense of togetherness instead of isolation.

I love how we’re able to follow and connect with stylists all over the world, but when was the last time you went out of your way to actually encourage them?

It’s easy with Instagram to follow along and double tap your way through your newsfeed, but have you stopped to acknowledge the person behind the page?

I know it can feel awkward to reach out to someone you’ve never met, (hello, I’ve felt a little stalkerish before), but think about how much it would mean to someone who you follow or look up to to receive a random message of encouragement? If you got a random comment or DM from someone saying that they’ve been following along and just wanted to say how much they loved your work or how much they enjoy your posts. Wouldn’t that feel incredible?

I want us to get out of our comfort zones and go encourage someone else. I’m guilty of scrolling through my feed and just double tapping my way down and forget to connect + encourage someone else. It takes intention and I want to change my mindset to go out of my way to encourage someone else.

I thought about it a lot and I wanted there to be something for our community of hairstylists to connect with one another, but not just to connect, but to actually encourage one another and help each other grow. Lifting others up takes intentionality. It doesn’t just happen naturally, you have to actively go out of your way to encourage someone else. And I want to bring that about.


I’m so excited to announce a new movement that I want to bring to the hair industry, Raise up to Rise up.

My goal with this movement is to inspire other stylists to go out of their way to encourage one another and build each other up.

The reason why I wanted to create this movement is because I truly believe in encouraging others. I believe in uplifting others. I believe that if you raise someone else up, you will grow in the process. You will both grow, not alone, but together.

I want this movement to encourage you to encourage others. Whether that’s giving a compliment to someone, buying coffee for your coworker, or going a step further and mentoring another stylist in your area.

I want to see our industry united even more than it already is. Will you accept my challenge?

I would love for you to join the Raise up to Rise up Movement!

Each day of the challenge, I want you to participate in a task that builds up another stylist in our community. Here’s a each day’s tasks:



Day 1: Leave a genuine, encouraging comment on 10 different people’s Instagram pages

Day 2: Do something nice for a coworker OR Shout someone out on Instagram

Day 3: Send someone you look up to an encouraging DM on Instagram

EXTRA Task: Send someone a small, thoughtful gift or thank you card in the mail


To join the movement, click the graphics below to download them and share them on your Instagram. Make sure to share them on your page or in your stories and don’t forget to tag me so I can see that you’re participating too!

Instagram Post Graphics

(Hold down to save on phone. Right click on photo to save to your computer)

Instagram Story Graphics



Also, on your posts, start using the hashtag #raiseuptoriseup to spread this movement and to find other like-minded stylists who want to encourage + grow too.

I’m so excited to watch this movement grow in our industry and I can’t wait to have you be a part of the uprising too!

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