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Six types of photos you should be taking now to prepare for the Holiday rush!


It’s almost the time of year where our make-up slides off our face by hour three, our eyes are strained by all the highlighting, our fingerprints are nowhere to be found and probably somewhere in the bleach bowl a few clients back…yup it’s almost the Holidays! One the craziest times of year for a hairstylist.

We’ve prepared the best we could in all the ways we’ve either learned from past experiences or from our mentors. Thoughts start running through our head like, are we pre-booking two or three times out to cover our slow times in January and February? What product deals are we going to launch, so that our clients can not only buy for themselves but it’s easy for them to buy gifts for their family and friends? Are we stocked on our back bar and foil? How many times will that one song loop on this playlist?! I have to get mentally prepared (you know what I’m talking about).

But let me ask you about something you probably haven’t thought of, how many of you are preparing your social media content for this crazy time of year? By the time we get around to thinking about it, I think it’s safe to say that we tend to put that at the bottom of our priority list and our social media starts to fall by the wayside.

We have to prepare now, before the rush so that we don’t have to think about it when we are just trying to keep blood flowing to our legs later (bend those knees people). In order to stay ahead of your social media content you have to get out and take photos ahead of time. Maybe that means staying at the salon for an extra 30 mins to take some salon detail shots or hiring a photographer to get photos of you working.

There are six types of photos you should be taking now to prepare for the Holiday rush:

P.s. All of these photos were taken by me or my assistant taking photos of me. So even if you can’t hire a photographer, you can absolutely get great photos you took yourself! For the photos of me working on a client and mixing color, my assistant took those. And for the photos of me, I just set my camera on a trolley at the salon and used a self-timer. Super easy and I got great photos to post when it’s to crazy to even think about taking photos!

1. Photos of holiday decor on your station or in your salon

2. Flatlay photos with products, tools, or holiday decor

3. Photos of products for the holidays

4. Photos of you

5. Photos of you in the salon or working on a client

6. Photos of the salon

There you have it! I hope these six photo ideas helped spark your creative gene before the holiday rush starts to happen and you’re able to get ahead of the game! Now time to go buy all those holiday presents and then you’ll really be ahead of the game 😉

Tag me on Instagram or Facebook with your photos! I can’t wait to hear how this tip helps you this season!

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