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Why you should think about hiring a virtual employee and how to do that!

Did you know that I have several employees that work all over the country? I have a social media manager/writer who lives in Tennessee, a video editor that lives in Arkansas, and an email manager who lives with me (my husband). All of these employees are remote employees and they help me manage the behind the scenes of my business.

One of the most important things I’ve done for myself this past year is learn to delegate. There are so many times that someone will email in or write me on Instagram how busy I am all the time! Honestly, I am really busy BUT if I was still doing all of the projects that I am doing now as a one woman show, I probably would have burnt out a long time ago.

Why you should have a virtual employee:

  • They will help save you time
    • As a business owner and someone who naturally takes on a lot of projects at once, I’ve learned that time is so important and balancing that time is what makes it all sustainable. Delegating smaller tasks that are necessary but take up too much time just to keep the ship afloat is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made so far.
  • They help take things off your plate
    • I am able to say yes to so many more things now that I don’t have to spend time doing the things I don’t necessarily find fulfillment doing! I know that I love public speaking, creating content, and doing hair, but I don’t always love sitting in front of my computer for hours on end. Having someone do these things for me allows me to focus on the things I love doing and having the opportunity to more of them!
  • Let you run your business without worrying about the small details
    • One of the biggest aspects of my business is to dream new ways to reach more people, and with that, I need to have time to reflect and come up with strategies. Knowing that emails are being taken care of, footage is being edited, and social media is being taken care of allows me to grow my business to my literal DREAM job, help more people just like you!

What tasks they can help with:

  • Email management
    • Someone who organizes your inbox based on priority and is knowledgeable in how to respond to client requests, booking or pricing questions, scheduling appointments, teaching inquires, brand sponsorships, and just overall questions you may get in your business.
  • Client booking
    • Someone who receives all calls, texts, email inquiries, down payments, and consultation emails and has access to schedule all appointments in allotted times. Almost like a virtual receptionist!
  • Social media management
    • Someone who schedules and creates social media posts and is knowledgeable in the appropriate voice and tone for all copy to stay true to your brand. Maybe this person doesn’t run your personal Instagram, but they may run your salon’s Instagram or your Facebook page. Or, like my social media manager, she helps me run other social media platforms, such as my Facebook Page and my Salon’s pages. She also helps me create content that I sign off on or tweak, but I’m not having to create it from scratch.
  • Content Creation
    • Hate making graphics for your Instagram or Facebook pages? What about editing your Instagram videos? Do you feel like your photos suck? Do you wish you could post on your blog more or send out a monthly newsletter? You could hire someone to create that content for you! Maybe this would be a graphic designer who creates all your graphics for your Instagram, IG Stories, and Facebook posts. This could also be hiring a photographer to come take photos of you working so that you always have nice photos to share on your social media platforms and website. This could even be someone who helps write blog posts or monthly newsletters. You would always have last say on what content gets posted, but without having to do it all yourself, it frees up a lot of time!

How to find a virtual employee:

    • Instagram – This is a big one! Pay attention to your DMs, people you follow, or people who follow you. If you love someone’s Instagram and writing, you may want to reach out and see if they are available for hire. That’s how I found my social media manger! I was just following her on Instagram and she posted that she was looking for a job she could work remotely. It was a perfect match!
    • Referrals – It’s always a good idea to ask if someone knows someone for the position you are looking to fill. Ask around locally, your clients, or even on social media. You never know who’s sister just graduated from college and is looking for a job like the on you’re offering!
    • Upwork.com – Find freelancers from programmers to designers to writers. I personally have not used this service, but I know a ton of people who do! Just make sure to really search through people and do your research.
    • FB Groups – Reach out and see if anyone is looking for the specific position you are wanting. If its hair industry related, you may have luck finding someone who speaks the same lingo as you and knows how to do everything from schedule appointments to writing your copy. I use Facebook groups all the time to find people!
    • Craigslist – Post your listing on Craigslist and wait for applicants to reach out.  Same as Upwork, you’ll want to take some time to narrow down appropriate candidates.


I hope this blog post gives you a little insight into how I run the behind the scenes of my business. I’m definitely not perfect and this has all come over time, but learning to delegate and give up certain things has allowed me to do MORE and stress way LESS!

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